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Improve the soil health of your land and eliminate the trees and shrubs that are in the way of your project. Count on J. Harvey Excavating, LLC in Richmond Hill, Georgetown and Savannah, GA for mulching services.

As we're excavating your plot, we'll mulch overgrown trees and bushes and spread that mulch on your land. We have the equipment to mulch trees that are over 20 feet tall.

Speak with the mulching professional at J. Harvey Excavating today about your residential or commercial job.

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Prevent future foundation issues

Loose or unstable soil can cause your property's foundation to shift in the future. Mulching can enhance your soil's health so your foundation remains strong. There are other reasons to turn the trees and shrubs on your plot into mulch. Mulching can:

  • Prevent soil compaction
  • Help your soil retain water
  • Prevent weed growth

Mulching can also insulate your soil. Start improving your soil health as soon as possible. Call J. Harvey Excavating at 912-294-3272 now to get a free estimate. We serve residents of the Richmond Hill, Georgetown and Savannah, GA area.